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14 Days | AROYÓ Ultimate Wild Expedition

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Singita Sasakwa Serngeti
The Ultimate Wild Luxury Safari - Singita Lodge Serengeti

Our never seen East African adventure that combines all things nature, luxury, expedition and diversity in a journey of wild discovery in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

What to expect

East Africa exceeds expectations with its immaculate landscapes and prime wildlife encounters. The first leg of this trip takes place in Rwanda, where travelers can track mountain gorillas. Then the Maasai Mara and endless Serengeti plains are next, including possible sightings of the Big 5 and the Great Wildebeest Migration. Finally, to the most majestic wild-lands of Ngorongoro which boasts the overwhelmingly huge crater with densest population of wildlife and last but not least––to the home of the largest land mammals, Tarangire National Park - it's the ultimate end to an exceptionally sumptuous wild adventure.


This tour is great for
  • Big 5 Safari

  • The Great Migration in Africa

  • Gorilla & Chimp Trekking

  • African Photo Safaris

  • Luxury Safari

  • Honeymoon Safari

  • African Safari Honeymoon

  • Wild Africa Safari

  • Safari Holidays


Ideal duration: 14 Days
From $16,800 per Person



1 Night in Kigali

The gateway to Rwanda's treasures: