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10 Days | AROYÓ Deluxe Tanzania Safari

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Luxury Dinner Set up at Nimali Mara - Serengeti
Beautiful Bush Dinner Set up at the Nimali Mara Lodge - Serengeti

Luxurious & opulent safari sights with finest of Royal treatment like no other. A perfect blend for all things nature, comfort and tranquility.

What to expect

Your safari begins at the foot of Mt. Meru in Arusha, a gateway to Tanzania's safari destinations. From emerald green coffee bushes journey to the wildlife-teeming wilderness of Tarangire National Park, for a more private safari. Savour the romance of an Arabica coffee estate near the famous Ngorongoro Crater, where a diversity of fauna and flora await discovery. End your journey in the Serengeti for unforgettable game viewing within an ancient landscape.


This tour is great for
  • African Safari Honeymoon

  • Family Safari

  • Game Viewing

  • African Luxury Safari

  • The Great Migration in Africa

  • Romantic Holidays

  • Milestone Celebration e.g Anniversary


Ideal duration: 10 Days
From $9,800 per Person



1 Night in Arusha

The charming town of Arusha rests underneath the mighty gaze of Mount Meru and is an ideal base to explore Tanzania's famed Northern Safari Circuit.

It's hard to think of another place in the world that is in close proximity to such a variety of national parks and game reserves! Here, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are only a short flight or few hours drive away from Arusha's beloved coffee plantations.

Our Favourite Lodge in Arusha

An Aromatic and Sensory Experience: Lying on the gently rolling foothills that cascade down from the ever-present Mount Meru is the bustling and vibrant town of Arusha. It is here on the outskirts of this town, hidden amongst one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations, that you will find Arusha Coffee Lodge, a perfect haven for relaxation either before or after any East African luxury safari.



2 Nights in Tarangire National Park

See predator & prey side-by-side in this beautiful nature spectacle.

Tarangire National Park is a hidden gem in Tanzania Northern Safari Circuit.

With herds of elephant, lions and other game flocking to its river banks and swamps during the dry season, it offers an excellent East African Safari with minimal hustle.

As many safari goers refers it as a second Serengeti, Tarangire surely lives up to the expectation of the name. A visit to remember.

Our Favourite Camp in Tarangire

Set alongside a dry riverbed peppered with huge granite boulders and well hidden amongst the acacia and baobab trees, Nimali Tarangire sits peacefully in its own private concession, adjacent to the eastern boundary of Tarangire National Park and, most importantly, away from the mainstream vehicles visiting the National Park. No-one else is allowed to drive within our own private concession and we use open vehicles for all of our game activities. This is true luxury African safari.



2 Nights in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Home to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Ngorongoro highlands in northern Tanzania offer a multitude of fascinating pastimes to engage visitors.

A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the conservation area allows visitors to sample locally grown and brewed coffee, safari through a crater, and hike up another and walk in the footsteps of early man.

The Ngorongoro Crater is famed for being the only intact caldera in the world. A wildlife sanctuary flourishes in its basin where the floor has been fertilised by the volcanic soil, attracting an array of wildlife ranging from lions and leopards to elephants and hippos.

Our Favourite Lodge in Ngorongoro